Welcome to Piperz Lab, where we are committed to enhancing the lives of our four-legged companions through the power of mental stimulation. We specialize in designing and crafting a wide range of dog puzzle toys that go beyond mere entertainment – they are carefully created to keep your furry friends mentally engaged and thriving.

We believe that a mentally stimulated dog is a happy and healthy dog. Our innovative puzzles, treat dispensers, and feeders are thoughtfully designed to challenge your canine's cognitive abilities, promote problem-solving skills, and encourage a sense of accomplishment with each playtime session.

With a mission to promote overall well-being for dogs and extend their joyous years, we take pride in offering products that foster strong bonds between pet parents and their beloved companions. Join us on this journey to enrich the lives of dogs, one mentally stimulating toy at a time. Your dog's happiness is our inspiration, and we are dedicated to helping them lead a long, fulfilling, and tail-waggingly wonderful life.

Piperz Picks

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Mental Stimulation

Working your dog's brain with mentally stimulating activities is a key component of a dog's well-being. Engaging their minds through interactive toys and puzzles promotes cognitive development and keeps their brains sharp, just like physical exercise does for their bodies.

Providing regular mental challenges also strengthens the bond between dogs and their owners, fostering a deeper understanding and communication between them.

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Bonding with your dog through toys creates meaningful interactions that build trust and affection. Engaging in playtime activities together strengthens the emotional connection and enhances your understanding of their unique personality and preferences.

Similarly, using treat-dispensing toys fosters a sense of security and contentment, as it reinforces the positive association between you and the pleasure of food, making mealtime a special and bonding experience.


Safety is our top priority. Our toys are meticulously designed with the well-being of your furry companions in mind, ensuring they are free from any harmful materials or components.

We use biodegradable PLA plastic, a safe and eco-friendly alternative, to give you peace of mind knowing that our products are not only safe for your dog but also gentle on the environment. Your dog's safety is our commitment, and we take pride in delivering toys you can trust.